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All about Kate Moss' sister.

Fashion & StyleAll about Kate Moss' sister.

Kate Moss is the daughter of Linda Shepherd and Peter Moss. Kate's parents divorced when she was 14 and Peter welcomed her with Inger Moss when she was 18. Being a Moss and being compared to her elder sister wasn't always easy, even if there were perks. In a series of social media comments from 2022, Lottie responded to people calling her a "nepo baby" and said her success was due to her famous last name. She said that she understood that people who come from famous families are getting a leg up because of that, and that she was "privileged being related to a huge model." She said that life isn't fair if you put your mind to something. She and Kate have different ages.

Kate Moss is in London, England, for the launch of the Real Housewives Townhouse. Mike Marsland, Neil Mockford, Ricky Vigil, and M/GC Images.

The sisters didn't spend a lot of time together when they were younger. The younger Moss told The Sun that she and Kate had struggled to have a good relationship because of their age gap. In 2015, while speaking to Vogue, she talked about playing a game with her older sister when she was younger. She was one of Kate's bridesmaids.

Kate Moss and Jamie Hince were married on July 1, 2011, in Southrop, England.

Kate married Jamie Hince of The Kills in 2011. When photographs of the wedding were published, her dad got a scouting call from Sarah Doukas, the agent who discovered Kate decades earlier. Peter was told by Sarah that he should box up his genes and give them to us.

In W Magazine, she said that her mom was like, "Your sister is going to be so pissed."

She is a model.

The sister of Kate Moss walks the runway at the TommyNow show during London Fashion Week in February 2020.

She started modeling at 16 and posed for Calvin Klein at 18. Although she has had success in front of the camera, she said that it was67531 at that age. She wrote in an essay for Glamour UK that she was not very close to her sister. It is difficult when you have someone close to you doing the exact same job as you, but not having any advice or guidance.

She has a tattoo on her face.

Kate Moss' sister is at the Glamour Women of The Year Awards in London.

She wrote in her essay that the tattoo was an expression of her post-rehab journey of self-discovery. In February of 2022, nearly a year before getting the tattoo, she announced she was in rehab, though she did not reveal what she was being treated for. She told Jamie Laing on the Private Parts podcast that going to the treatment facility was the best thing she had ever done.

She wrote about getting a face tattoo because she was learning to love herself again. It was impulsive but my way of expressing that I am free after years of being controlled.

She is in a relationship with Kate's daughter.

Kate Moss' sister is in London for a fashion event. David M. Benett/Dave Benett/Getty

Kate's daughter is five years younger than her niece, according to the model, who said they used to play together when they were younger. She told The Sun that she got closer to her after staying at the mansion. I see her out and about and I don't give her advice.

She experienced backlash after opening an OnlyFans account.

Kate Moss has a sister.

In her essay for Glamour UK, Lottie said that she took a step back from modeling in April 2021 and was inspired to start an OnlyFans account by her best friend, Sahara Ray. She said a brand collaboration was canceled and she was no longer with her agency, but she still felt a part of a community on OnlyFans. She wrote about her relationship with Kate.

Kate Moss and her sister are at London Fashion Week.

Lottie told The Sun that she and Kate are not as close as people think. I have learned that the family is complicated, and especially speaking to other friends who don't speak to their parents. She is a really high-end model and we don't see eye to eye on many things. She is my sister, but we are not very close.

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