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Christie Brinkley had a skin cancer diagnosis.

Arts and EntertainmentChristie Brinkley had a skin cancer diagnosis.

The model shared that she had a basal cell carcinoma removed from her face. "I had great Doctors that removed the cancer and sewed me up to perfection like an haute couture Dior", says Christie Brinkley.

She wrote that the good news for you is that you can avoid all of this by being careful with your sun protection. I got late for this one, so I will be wearing long sleeves and a wide brim hat, and doing regular total body checks. Brinkley shared that she didn't go to the doctor for herself but for her daughter's appointment. Brinkley asked the doctor if he could see a tiny dot as she applied her foundation after he looked at each freckle with a magnifying glass. He did a biopsies after taking a look, so make your check up appointment today. Brinkley's daughter with BillyJoel left a comment under her mom's post. "So glad they caught it, Christie, and that you are okay!" one user wrote. Brinkley celebrated her 70th birthday a few weeks before she was diagnosed with cancer.

She began her caption by saying "Look in the mirror on my 70th Birthday and what do I see?" I am no longer critical or demanding, now I am grateful and understanding. Brinkley captioned the picture "It's taken 70 years to get here, in tears and joy I've found my happy, so now I'm going to end this poem, before I get too sappy!" Click here for more entertainment news.

Brinkley told People that she still wants to go to India and Thailand. Brinkley told the outlet that she wants to go toBali as well. She said she feels similar to when she turned 50, when she looked back and forward.

The big seven is a block number that looms over and casts a shadow over the entire decade, she told the outlet. Brinkley is a mother to three children and has started many successful businesses, but she isn't going to let her age stop her from pursuing new projects. "If you take good care of yourself, and you eat right, and you exercise, and you have a good mental attitude, that keeps you young," Brinkley told Hall. I just don't think about age because it's just a state of mind.

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