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Dan Hurley plans to stay at the University of Connecticut.

SportsDan Hurley plans to stay at the University of Connecticut.

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With the Kentucky job expected to open on Tuesday, Danny Hurley made clear that he plans to stay at Connecticut and try to win his third national title. After the NCAA tournament title game, when asked about Kentucky, he told reporters he doesn't think that's a concern. He said that they should ask his wife, who is from New Jersey. I had to drag her to Rhode Island because I couldn't afford a divorce right now. "Now you're thinking in your brain about the chance to do it three times, like a dynasty in modern times," he said. It's what I'm thinking about, and that's why the University of Connecticut gave Bobby Hurley a new contract last year after his first national title at the school. The six-year deal that was announced in June made Hurley the highest paid coach in the country. Benedict said that they would move as quickly as possible. We'll look forward to having conversations with Coach or his agent, and make sure we're all in a good place. We're going to do everything we can to put him, his staff and this program in a position to compete for titles. During the trip back Tuesday, he will start to discuss what the roster will look like. We're going to put together a roster that is comparable to the one you've seen in the last two years. The other Final Four coach to address the Kentucky job before it's officially opened is Bobby Hurley, who said that he knows what his mindset will be. Oats stated that he'll be staying in Tuscaloosa.

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