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Sharon Stone was told to sleep with her co-star.

CelebritySharon Stone was told to sleep with her co-star.

Sharon Stone claims that the film producer demanded that she sleep with her co-star in order to improve his performance. The Hollywood star said in her memoir that Robert Evans told her to have sex with William Baldwin. Stone told Theroux that Evans claimed she was responsible for addressing Baldwin's poor acting in the film about a woman discovering tenants' secrets after moving to an exclusive New York City apartment building. She said that she should sleep with Billy Baldwin because his performance would improve. I was so tight that I wasn't like a real actress who could just fuck him and get things back on track.

The actor believes the studio bosses were to blame for their poor casting decisions. I didn't have to fuck Michael Douglas.

Stone was nominated for an Oscar in 1995 for her role in Casino, but she did not get a prominent part in the film. She was told by the director that she would lose out on an Oscar for her performance in the movie, and that Susan Sarandon would win for her role in Dead Man Walking. They don't allow us to win because they don't want us to take over the system.

Stone was warned she would leave empty-handed, even though she attended the ceremony.

She was nominated for an award for her role in the remake of Gloria. Did anyone notice that performance? Nope. I am the invisible actress.

Stone thinks Hollywood didn't want her to succeed. It is easier to say that she is cold, that she is difficult, that she is too old, or that she is hard to cast. If she gets nominated instead of Robert De Niro, that would be not what we want to have happen.

Stone was an executive producer of the series Mosaic and also appeared in the series Agent X. The actor said after Basic Instinct that no one wanted to pay him. I got paid less than men.

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