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Sue Bird thinks that the person can be an All-Star next year.

SportsSue Bird thinks that the person can be an All-Star next year.

How will her game translate to the next level is a question that often arises. Sue Bird said that Clark can be an All-Star in her first year in the league. Bird said that she thinks she can do it if she plays up to her potential. She has a chance at having a lot of success early in her career, but I think a lot of it comes down to her shooting. Bird said that Diana could have been playing the way Clark is playing right now, but did not come of age in an era to play that way. Bird retired after 20 years in the league. Clark has the option to return to Iowa next year if she chooses to go pro and is drafted in the first round by the Indiana Fever. Bird said that she would be teaming up with two good post players, Aliyah Boston and NaLyssa Smith. There is precedent for people coming out of college and playing amazing players. She has to come in and do it and there will be some growing pains.

The Iowa star's greatest highlights of the past 4 seasons were his journey to 3,528 points.

Bird spent time with Clark last December in Iowa City as part of an episode of her ESPN+ Original series, "Sue's Places," which features Bird darting across the country to learn about the history and traditions of college basketball. The fourth-ranked Hawkeyes will play at No. 14 Indiana on Thursday night. Bird said it was a combination of long-distance shooting and being one of the faces of women's college basketball during such an ascendent time that Clark captured the imagination of the broader basketball public. The one thing that makes people stop being obsessed with dunking is deep shooting. Men don't hate on it because it is what it is. The way that she plays with the long-distance shooting is captivating.

Bird thinks that women's basketball is having a moment and that a team is needed to help it. The year in which she was born makes her uniquely positioned to take advantage of this moment. She could end up being one of the best players ever because of the way she is starting her career.

Her scoring record makes her great.

Clark's decision to leave Iowa has become a major debate among sports fans. Bird did not hesitate when asked what she would do if she were Clark. Bird said that he was coming out of college.

The NCAA Photos were shot by Morgan Engel.

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