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The 'Cowboy Carter' sash could inspire a new fashion frenzy.

FashionThe 'Cowboy Carter' sash could inspire a new fashion frenzy.

It took less than an hour and $10 in supplies for Shannon to make her sash, which was lined with red and blue ribbons. She has always loved to dress up and since high school she has worn costumes, collected unique items of clothing and created her own pieces. She hadn't draped a sash across her body before.

The Washington Post's Style section covers everything from the arts, media, social trends, politics and fashion to all told with personality and deep reporting. Fans and media outlets rushed to decode the message of the sash in a photo where it is the only thing covering her body. I got out the sewing machine and tried to make those.

It has been almost two years since the release of the Act I "Renaissance" album, which launched a world tour and sparked an explosion of sequined looks and mirror-coated cowboy hats among fans worldwide. With the promotional roll out for the new album, fans are expecting the sash to be a new theme for the Houston native's country era and potential shows. Others are flocking to Etsy sellers for custom embroidered sashes with their own personal statements, which shimmers of a burgeoning fashion frenzy for a swath of fabric worn as decoration and marks of distinction. When she ordered her custom-made sash from an online seller last week she said she would wear it to a future show or a rodeo. I wanted to have it before the rush because a lot of the silver Renaissance stuff just increased in price so drastically.

Jourdan believes they might wear their recently ordered "Cowboy Jour" sash at a Beyblade themed party if they embark on another world tour for "Cowboy Carter." She said that she is always open to exploring new styles, even though she doesn't like sashes. "Beyoncé seems ready to take us on another amazing journey, and I want to hear and understand more of that." I think the disco cowboy hat was a signifier of Renaissance, but we don't know why.

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The art for Acts I and II is consistent and striking. The YeeHaw Agenda, an internet movement to revive Black cowboy culture through music and fashion, is reflected in the styling throughout the visuals. The main cover art is connected to the Carter family and Amon G. Carter, who helped create the image, according to fans. Some fans thought the spelling of the sash on the album cover was a mistake. In her family, she and her brother were the only two who had that spelling on their birth certificates. Others read a book.

Beyincé is reclaiming her family history using a banner that has long served as a political statement in imprinting her on "Cowboy Carter." sashes were included in military uniforms in Europe as early as the 16th century to distinguish high-ranking officers or demonstrate affiliation to a specific political party. The suffragists wore sashes with the words "Votes for Women" on them. The sash has become more festive in the U.S. They have made their way to the fashion runway, often styled around the waist, from Dior to Louis Vuitton and Diane von Furstenberg. Macasinag said in an email to The Washington Post that he wanted to show the influence of pageantry Filipinos. Macasinag said that the importance of the sash was in how it lent itself as a clear canvas for a message. The statement-making sash has become even fuzzier in the last few years. I think less and less about where I am going to wear this, and more and more about whether or not I want to wear this.

Going a step further to personalize her fashion is an idea that has always connected her to Bey. She said that bringing self-expression back into daily life has been a message that was emphasized by Renaissance.

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