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The plan to march to the Capitol was Lied about by the rally organizers.

PoliticsThe plan to march to the Capitol was Lied about by the rally organizers.

According to the report, the National Park Service permit specialist showed the texts from the inspector generals office and said that she lied to everyone. The inspector general report builds on the evidence released by the House Jan. 6 Committee. He tried to make the march on the Capitol appear spontaneously even as he and his team assembled and galvanized the crowd to disrupt Congress certification of his electoral defeat. Mr. Trump and his defenders have described the violence as a freewheeling, peaceful protest gone awry. MarkMeadows claimed that Mr. Trump "ad-libbed" his comments at the Ellipse calling for a march to the Capitol. The report shows that the former president and his supporters tried to hide their intentions. It is going to be a historic day, because SAVE AMERICA from a hostile globalist takeover has been the focus of all the rallies.

The group initially sought the permit for the rally at the Ellipse and stated there would not be a march to the Capitol, the report said. The permit that was issued did not authorize a march from the Ellipse and the organization would not conduct an organized march at the conclusion of the rally.

Mark Lee Greenblatt, the Interior Department's inspector general, said in a statement that his report added important information and context to the historical record.

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