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Withings has a new multiscope device.

TechnologyWithings has a new multiscope device.

In recent years, Withings has been quietly establishing itself as a home health powerhouse. The French company doesn't have the name recognition of an Apple or a SAMSUNG, but it has been making carefully crafted devices that make vital readings accessible outside the doctor's office. BeamO is a new category for Withings and is not a fitness watch or sleep tracking pad. The multiscope is designed to give patients easy access to vitals during teleconference health calls. During the H1N1 epidemic, the U.S. government reported a 15x increase in the number of telehealth visits. As the world has reopened, the relative ease and timelines of in-office visits for non-emergencies can not be debated. The system is described as being smaller than a phone. It gives your healthcare provider more insight into what's going on with you in real time. Health professionals don't have the ability to carry out the routine checks they do in person when they are remote.

The system can read SpO2 and heart rate at the same time, as well as display information on its display. The system is still waiting for FDA clearance for certain things.

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