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A forensics report found that a Taylor Swift fan died of heat exhaustion.

Arts and EntertainmentA forensics report found that a Taylor Swift fan died of heat exhaustion.

The death of a Brazilian fan at a Taylor Swift concert was caused by heat exhaustion, according to a report obtained by the Associated Press. Ana Clara Benevides passed out during Swift's second song at the show in Rio de Janeiro on 17 November and died hours later at a local hospital. Fans lined up for hours before the show, and many accused the show's organizers of failing to deliver enough water. Benevides did not have pre-existing conditions or substance abuse that could have led to her death. Benevides died of heatstroke due to compromise of her lungs and sudden death, according to the forensic expert who analysed her body. T4F said the company followed the best practices and gave fans thousands of bottles of water. T4F said the company had never registered a tragic episode and that Benevides was cared for by members of a rescue team. The office of Rio's public prosecutor opened a criminal investigation into Benevides' death. Swift said in a statement that her case had left her with a "shattered heart". The father of Benevides told the news website G1 that he never doubted the cause of death was the heat. His lawyer said in a video that the report confirms the failures of the event. The family of Ana Clara wants to wait until the investigations are finished to see what happens to the people responsible for her death.

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