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A judge says Rudy Giuliani must pay a judgement.

PoliticsA judge says Rudy Giuliani must pay a judgement.

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A federal judge ruled Wednesday that Rudy Giuliani must pay over a hundred million dollars to two Georgia women he lied to about helping steal the 2020 election. The judge wrote that there is a good chance that Giuliani will hide his assets from the people who brought the case and that he will not succeed in having the jury verdict overturned or cut down on appeal. The attorneys for the two women have to enforce the judgment against Giuliani, but they don't have to wait 30 days to try to seize his assets. Giuliani has never denied that he has taken steps to hide his assets from his judgment creditor, and has offered no affirmative pledge that he will take no steps to do so. The jury's verdict was more than three times as much as Giuliani's lawyer said at trial that $43 million was the civil equivalent of the death penalty. It is not clear how much money Giuliani has because he ignored court orders that would have given him insight into his finances. She pointed out that he has multiple bank accounts and properties in New York and Florida. She said that his claims of penury are difficult to square with the fact that Giuliani affords a spokesman who went with him to trial.

Giuliani was ordered to pay some of the legal fees of the people who sued him for not turning over the information. He faces criminal prosecution in Georgia for his role in the alleged attempt to subvert the state's election results, and anything he revealed in the D.C. case could be used against him there.

The two women sued Giuliani again on Monday, this time for comments he made about them that his lawyer conceded in court were false.

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