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A pregnant model is walking at NY Fashion Week.

Fashion & StyleA pregnant model is walking at NY Fashion Week.

Inclusive artistry shined at New York Fashion Week. The Autumn/Winter 2024 collection of the brand is aptly titled "STRONGER." The collection emphasizes powerful feminine energy. The models ranged from a model who used a wheelchair to a buff woman who wore tighter clothes. A pregnant model came down the runway wearing an open button-up shirt dress and shorts, and her neutral expression made her stand out. It was the first time I saw the significance of what a model advertised, but it was not the first time a model advertised while expecting. Moon explained in an interview with Vogue that she was comfortable doing it because she knew it wasn't a stunt and Hillary constantly designs clothing for people who are typically overlooked by fashion. The power that one holds for one fleeting moment when everyone is watching them is so profound that it is hard to believe. I can't overstate the prestige of this role, it sounds dramatic but I can't think of a better way to portray a pregnant woman. The runway is a platform that encourages personality, and pregnant women can carry influence on the runway. Although the clothes are technically what is on display, choosing who wears those clothes sends an authoritative message: this is what society deems beautiful and worthy of our attention. I looked up to the magnetic women I saw in fashion shows and tried to copy their aura. I still carry the remnants of my younger self, who wanted to have an effect on these women so much that it hurt. Moon confidently strutting while heavily pregnant is proof that more pregnant women need to be promoted. I was surprised to see a bare pregnant stomach on full display, but I was horrified after placing this feeling. I don't associate pregnant women with any fashion trends. My response was a response to society's struggle to accept pregnant women as appealing and to reject them as conduits for power. While pregnant people are kept out of the discussion of body positivity, it is a time when intense emotions, possible trauma and overall heightened experience are present. Carrying life within oneself is a beautiful process that our society appreciates. When it comes to the mental and physical burdens of being a pregnant woman, they are often appreciated. I don't like that my first instinct is to view pregnant women as irrelevant in beauty and fashion spaces and I wonder if my views would have changed had I been exposed to pregnant models as a child. Expecting mothers return to the spotlight after a break only to face critics who try to keep them from bouncing back faster. The concept of beauty and motherhood should be redefined into a venn diagram.

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