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A woman in a shirt and pants eats lunch with her family.

FashionA woman in a shirt and pants eats lunch with her family.

As she took her child out for lunch in Los Angeles, Lopez looked well dressed. She wore a white button-up shirt from the label and styled it with a pair of high-rise pinstripe trousers. Lopez finished her look with black ballet flats that had a small bow and pearl detail on her leg, a rare move for a serious heel.

She shaded her eyes with a pair of black square sunglasses and cinched her waist with a skinny black leather belt. She had a small black crocodile Birkin that cost more than everything else she was wearing. She wore gold hoop earrings and wore a tan shirt with khaki cargo pants. Lopez has kept busy in the last few months despite canceling her summer tour. She opened up to Bazaar about her new venture, and what inspired her to start it. She said that they wanted to create a ready to enjoy option since they all know that making a margarita from scratch takes a little bit of effort. She said that it was the drink that was missing for someone who was a light drinker. Cocktails seemed so heavy to me, and it just wasn't right for me. I decided to create something that felt right for me and that a lot of other people will appreciate.

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