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A wounded shark has its fins torn up.

ScienceA wounded shark has its fins torn up.

A silky shark with a chunk taken out of its dorsal fin regrew much of its lost appendage according to photographs taken of the fish nearly a year apart. The Florida Museum states that the Silky sharks are found off the coasts of all of the world. Silky sharks are vulnerable due to over-fishing and are therefore at risk of coming into contact with humans. The shark's back fin had a large slice taken out by scientists. The team stopped receiving data from the shark several weeks after it was tagged, so the tag may have been damaged or sunk. Whatever the reason for the shark being caught, the animal's tag was removed with a sharp object. The healing rate in the elasmobranches, which include sharks, rays, and skates, was consistent with Black's calculation. The shark was able to bridge the gap with regenerated tissue and scar tissue because the fin remained. The removal of the satellite tag caused a traumatic injury to the shark and it negatively impacts the entire species through the loss of valuable data. Don't slice off their fins, they may not be as lucky as this silky shark.

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