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After retiring as a Victoria's Secret model, Klum's angel wings still fit.

FashionAfter retiring as a Victoria's Secret model, Klum's angel wings still fit.

Klum is stepping back into her role as a model on the latest cover of Germany's Glamour magazine. The look was similar to the Victoria's Secret Angel outfit she wore. HEIDI KLUM SAYS SHE's 50, but she's far from dead. She told the magazine that she can no longer see everything clearly because her vision is getting worse. There's nothing you can do about it. Klum said that her time working for the lingerie brand was the best time in her life. Hollywood stars are aging gracefully.

Klum revealed that working for Victoria's Secret paved the way for her to become the host of both "Project Runway" and "Germany's Next Top Model." She explained that the other girls didn't want to talk to the anchors and that she would do it. I ran with them and I looked in the camera like I was talking to the people at home, and then I was going to interview her. Click here for more entertainment news.

She hosted the Victoria's Secret fashion show for six years. The model said she was always nervous, but that she loved the challenge and the chance to overcome something that was not easy. Klum hosted "Project Runway" and "Germany's Next Top Model" while she was still working. She joined the judging panel of "America's Got Talent" in 2013, but only stayed on for one season before returning in 2020. She told Shepard that she called them because Howard had said that they were looking for someone to fill her spot. I wanted to introduce myself to these people, but then they said, "oh yeah, we took someone else, because at that point they only had three."

"So then I was like, 'okay, they picked Mel B, get it, she's probably more fun,' and this and that, whatever," she said. Ten years ago, they contacted me and said that they wanted to have four judges and that I should also do it. The judges picked a team of former acts that would be returned to the show by the audience, and the act and the coach would compete for the fantasy league title.

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