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Ahead of the third flight test, there is a major test in Texas.

ScienceAhead of the third flight test, there is a major test in Texas.

The author has no position in any of the stocks mentioned. Ahead of the third Starship test flight that is currently slated to take place next week, SpaceX is busy running last minute tests at its facilities in Texas. The launch of the world's largest rocket for the third time will be the most anticipated event of the year. The rapid testing of the rocket, which is indispensable to its future, was ensured by the construction of a new launch site and the introduction of several upgrades to the rocket.

The firm has been working on its rocket ahead of the important missions after it was announced that the third test flight will take place on March 14th. The first and second stages of the rocket were tested at the launch pad with the flight abort system already installed. The primary cause of the multi month delay between the second and third test flights was the system. The test was a success, allowing the company to remove another item from its pre launch list. The third test's (IFT-3) test rocket was at the site earlier this month for a rehearsal.

Before today's test of the deluge system, the company conducted a wet dress rehearsal of its spaceship to fully fill it with fuel and give it just a few seconds to go. The stacking took longer than expected after the second stage was un stacked. It took three hours to stack the rocket, after an upgrade to the launch tower covered the 'chopsticks' that lift the second stage on the booster. The upper stage has a new engine control system. The Super Heavy will have an electronic thrust vector control system for their engines. The booster explosion that took place in November was most likely the root cause, according to the company. The rocket was destroyed after it had reached an altitude of 150 kilometers.

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