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'American Nightmare' is a documentary on the kidnapping of a woman.

Arts and Entertainment'American Nightmare' is a documentary on the kidnapping of a woman.

The following contains information from the docuseries "American Nightmare," which is now streaming. He was accused of playing a part in the death of the woman by killing her himself or at least covering it up. In the "American Nightmare" docuseries, Detective Mat Mustard of Vallejo, California denied that something had happened. You look like a monster if she stays wherever she is.

In the early morning hours of March 23, 2015, a man clad in a wetsuit broke into his home and ordered a man to zip-tie his hands behind his back, according to the man. The man put blacked-out goggles and headphones on the man and gave him sedatives. The kidnapper pushed Huskins into the trunk of the Camry and fled after he was warned that he would be harmed if he stepped out of view. I knew I had to do something because I don't trust people who do this.

The story was too far-fetched for officers. They give you a false dichotomy, that it's either an accident or you're a cold, calculated murderer.

After she was returned to her hometown of Huntington Beach two days after her kidnapping, law enforcement didn't believe that she'd been held captive and raped. She just wanted her parents and she couldn't feel relief until she got to them. I didn't understand how you would return to the inner child wanting to be loved and embraced and see people who love and care for you. I was told by the police that they didn't believe me, and that I needed an attorney, after I tried to find my family.

The movie "Gone Girl" was released five months before the kidnapping, in which a woman fakes her disappearance to frame her cheating husband. The film could have been any other movie of the time that came out. When my attorney told me that the FBI told him to watch 'Gone Girl' because it would clear up a lot of things for him, it was really shocking.

The lack of consequences for law enforcement is one of the biggest challenges. It is part of our story to try to shine a spotlight on the lack of accountability and hope that other law enforcement will change and that our rush to judgment will slow. We can prevent what happened to us from happening to other people.

Matthew Muller, the real abductor of Huskins, was captured in the third episode of the docuseries. The city of Vallejo paid $2.5 million to the couple after they sued. They went to individual therapy and couples counseling to help them heal. She says that the biggest thing that helped was that they never blamed each other for anything. We were really attached at the hip since then.

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