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An Overwhelmed House, Somehow, Does.

PoliticsAn Overwhelmed House, Somehow, Does.

With one day to go until Congress will call it quits for the year, the House used its last chance to pass legislation to bring whole milk back to school cafeterias. The emergency aid package to fund the wars in Ukraine and Israel was held up by a Republican filibuster in the Senate. When they return after New Year's Day, they will have just eight days to act on a dozen federal spending measures, which would cause a partial government shutdown. None of that was on the agenda of the House on Wednesday. The House churned out arguments for and against the merits of full-fat dairy for children after a vote to authorize an impeachment inquiry against President Biden and a resolution condemning university presidents for their testimony about addressing antisemitism. Representative Lloyd K. Smucker, Republican of Pennsylvania, said that he urged his colleagues to support the bill. Whole milk is the cream of the crop when it comes to delivering vitamins and minerals to children.

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