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Apple fans are returning their Vision Pros.

TechnologyApple fans are returning their Vision Pros.

Vision Pro owners are returning their headsets in the last few days because the honeymoon is over. For the first wave of Vision Pro buyers, Apple allows you to return any product within 14 days of purchase. It was too uncomfortable to wear for short periods of time due to the weight and strap designs. Ortolani posted that he wanted to use it, but didn't want to put it on. I will be back for the next one.

Wearable production for the mass market compromises comfort, because every human body is unique. The size and weight of the case is more important than the size of the finger. The Vision Pro doesn't offer enough productivity relative to the price. The user noted on Threads that looking at Figma screens made them feel dizzy and that the device wasn't applicable to their work. One user wrote that he couldn't justify keeping it if he wasn't using it for productivity or if he didn't love it for entertainment. Carter is a senior manager who works on community management and moderation. In an exchange on Threads, Gibson told me that several file types aren't supported on Vision Pro. If you feel like you are in Minority Report, it would be harder to create a slide in the VP.

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