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Apple says rice isn't the solution for wet phones.

TechnologyApple says rice isn't the solution for wet phones.

A majority of Americans have owned a mobile device for more than a decade and some of us have dropped it in a swimming pool, sink or toilet. Tech experts have dispelled the myth of putting a wet device in a bag or bowl. The tech giant says that you shouldn't put your wet phone into a bag of rice. Metro reported this week that Apple has updated the support site. "If your phone gets wet, you should wait to charge it, because a new feature will send an alert to you if you don't," the story said.

Here's what Apple says to do if your phone got wet.

If you get a liquid detection alert on your phone, Apple suggests you unplug the cable from your device. If you want to remove liquid from your phone, gently tap it against your hand. If you see an alert again, leave your phone in a dry place and try to charge it again, because it may take a day to fully dry.

The electronics giant advises against the rice drying technique if you have a waterproof device. If your device got wet from water, you may want to wash it in clean water. It's a good idea to dry your device in a shaded area or well-ventilated area. After air drying, the device should be brought to a service center. If your phone was submerged, you could wash it with a cloth or paper towel. Put your phone in a dry place. If you have packets of new products in a sealed plastic bag, put them in there for 48 hours. If it doesn't turn on right away, try to charge it and then try again. What's everyone talking about?

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