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ATEEZ are the first K-Pop boy group to perform at a festival.

MusicATEEZ are the first K-Pop boy group to perform at a festival.

ATEEZ has achieved a huge milestone with the beginning of their fifth year as a band. ATEEZ will be the first K-pop boy band in history to perform at a music festival when they perform at the festival. The eight-piece group are in a good place with their peers this year, as K-pop girl group Le Sserafim are also on the lineup for the April 12th and 19th dates. The Rose, a K-rock band, will play at the Californian music festival on April 14 and 21.

Crazy Form is one of the festival-worthy tracks on ATEEZ, and it is almost certain that it will be on their set list. The crowd always gets revved up by Hongjoong's commanding 'Get up' and Yeosang's growlingly low verse, as well as the track being packed with viral choreography, such as Seonghwa's bunny ears move and Wooyoung's mid-air t There will be some favorites from their entire discography such as De Ja Vu, Bouncy and of course, Guerrilla. If the latter is performed, American ATINY will have to warm up. During the song, Yunho asks the crowd to make some noise in order to break the wall, which has been so loud in the past that it could be heard outside of the arenas they perform in. The desert crowd will be treated to high notes from Jongho, dancing from San and some fast staccato raps from Mingi. Their high energy performances will fit perfectly before the sun goes down in the desert for a dreamy Lana Del Rey set.

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