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Before the launch of the GALAXY Z FLIP 6, the batteries are certified.

TechnologyBefore the launch of the GALAXY Z FLIP 6, the batteries are certified.

The second half of this year is expected to see the launch of the next-gen foldable phones from the company. The batteries of the upcoming foldable phones have been revealed.

The batteries inside the carrier models of the foldable phones were spotted by the Bureau of Indian Standards. The two batteries that power the Z Fold 6 were spotted in the certification database. This means that the Indian standards authority has given the go-ahead for the launch of the phones using the batteries. The upcoming foldable phone will be powered by a bigger battery than the one inside the Z Flip 5. The phone should offer a longer battery life due to the 8% higher battery capacity and the more power efficient processor. It is rumored that the foldable phone will have a bigger battery, but its capacity hasn't been revealed yet. The phones are likely to come with the same processor. The form factor of the foldable phone might be similar to that of other brands, as the screen is relatively square compared to the Z Fold 6. The cover display will be wider to bring it closer to the screen aspect ratio of a bar-style phone. In the videos below, you can watch our reviews of the GALAXY Z FLIP 5 and the GALAXY Z Fold 5.

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