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Bey explained that cutting her hair led to who she is now.

BeautyBey explained that cutting her hair led to who she is now.

The singer chatted with the magazine about her new hair care line and her career changing short hair moment. She said she didn't have a particular style in mind when she cut her hair. It wasn't an aesthetic choice, but it was a very big emotional transformation and change that I was going through. She was a new mom with her first child, Blue Ivy, at the time she cut her hair. She said that she wanted to cut her hair because of the liberation of becoming a mother. She said that it was a representation of her being free of expectations. It was the "first step to many more audacious decisions I made in my life and my career that have led to who I am now", as quoted by Bey. Listen to the new songs '16 Carriages' and 'Texas Hold 'Em' by Bey and Tina's mother. When she teased her hair care venture in May 2023, she mentioned that her girl group got their start performing for her mom's clients when she owned a hair salon. I saw how the ways we nurture and celebrate hair can impact our souls when I was in her salon. I've always dreamed of carrying on her legacy, and I remember telling my mom that I wanted to be like her client. She said she's been talking to her mom about a hair care line since her teens.

"Tina is a visionary and a brilliant woman and has worked so hard on this brand alongside me," Bey said. Her latest songs are "Texas Hold 'Em" and "16 Carriages." The second act of "Renaissance" will debut on March 29 after she revealed in a Super Bowl ad that she has new music on the way.

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