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Bey made a surprise appearance at the Luar show.

Fashion & StyleBey made a surprise appearance at the Luar show.

The front row at the Luar fashion show was stunned by a surprise appearance by Bey. After releasing two new singles and announcing her album "Act II" a few days ago, a stunned crowd at New York Fashion Week caught a glimpse of her. The entire room shifted when Tina and Julius de Boer, Tina's bodyguard, walked in, dressed in a silver ensemble, complete with a bejeweled blazer dress, a silver hood dripping in gems, thigh-high boots and a sparkling silver cowboy hat. Sister Solange was dressed in all black next to Christopher John Rodgers. It was Solange's son, Daniel "Julez" Smith Jr., who was supported by proud aunt, mom, and grandma as he made his NYFW debut. Smith modeled an oversized double-breasted leather coat with exaggerated shoulders and matched leather pants, plus elbow-length furry gloves and a large Luar backpack for his runway show. At the afterparty, Smith mingled with friends, huddling around someone's phone laughing, and Murmurs of an exclusive fifth-floor area of the afterparty rumbled through the crowd. She was tucked away from the main crowd, as she exited the party, waiting for a glimpse of herself as she and her hat vanished into the backseat of a black SUV. The show from designer Raul Lopez was based on the concept of metrosexuality, weaving together centuries worth of inspiration to present what he calls the "return of the metrosexual." The collection featured wide-shouldered leather tops in ostrich that were styled on the runway with watches connected and draped around the chest like a straightjacket; large leather belts that were slung low on the hips and tightened with a bejeweled cuff; and sheer tops. The designer discussed the cycle of fashion and why he labeled the collection "Deceptionista" in line with the truths we tell ourselves and how the softer side of masculinity comes back into style. The show notes that metrosexuality was a way for Lopez to hide his sexuality while growing up. He was able to "deceive, shade, and ultimately transcend" in the framework of the "Deceptionista". The buzzy front row was followed by a desert-inspired collection by Christian Siriano on his return to the runway. The front row was rounded out by J. Smith-Cameron, Busy Philipps, Sophia Bush, and the show staple of the show, Alicia Silverstone. The Pamella Rolland show on Monday at New York Fashion Week had an unofficial "America's Next Top Model" reunion with Eva and Jay in the front row.

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