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Blue-tinted beauty is taking over in four years.

BeautyBlue-tinted beauty is taking over in four years.

The celebs were quietly entering their blue periods while most people on BeautyTok were trying to master the art of the #cleangirlaesthetic. In the last few months, Selena Gomez wore icy blue makeup to match her skin color, and Zendaya wore berry milk nails. The three stars were ahead of the game because blue is slated to take over the beauty world in 2024. The searches for "blue eyeshadow aesthetic", "fun blue nails", and "aqua makeup looks" have seen major traction recently. In the year ahead, you can expect to see blue taking over your feed. She tells Bustle that turquoise is more stimulating and calm than pale blue. The shade of blue is said to bring a sense of peace and tranquility to the human spirit and is making its way into your beauty routine by way of two calm- and creativity-Enhancing hues. Baby Blue has a main character moment.

It makes sense that people are using pale blue tones in their makeup bags since the world has collectively had. Peace and calm are becoming even more important as a result of this. Blue tones are better suited for creativity and self-expression thanpeach fuzz, which is the official color of the year for 2024. Hart says turquoise and pale blue are more in demand as your emotional needs change. The center stage has turquoise on it.

Adding an aqua shade to your routine is a way to live that zen out loud. Turquoise is a great color energy ally for inspiring yourself to speak your heart's wants, needs, and desires. Hart believes that the Gen Z generation is bolder about inspiring others through their communication and not holding back their ideas.

Keep scrolling for three ways to add these tones to your beauty routine.

Jeanine Lobell, celebrity makeup and founder of Neen, recommends decorating the inner corners of your lids with an icy blue shadow to experiment with blue. She suggests using a small brush or finger to create a C-shape on top and bottom of your eye.

If you want a more subtle look, use a blue liner inside the eye or a statement in the inner corner.

This creamy powder can be used to experiment with blue or aquamarine shimmer. It is easy to layer so that you have full control over how bold you want your look to be, but with the right amount of product, the color payoff can be major. The blue liner makes brown eyes look brighter. A pale blue like Patina can make any eye shade pop. It can be used to decorate your inner corners, create a lined cat eye, or copy Selena Gomez's floating eyeliner look. Pair your pale base shades with some of the deeper shimmers to create a truly multidimensional beat.

It will give you a quick hit of the calming colors if you paint your nails pale blue or turquoise. Studies show that looking down at blue fingers on a keyboard can improve focus. You can get a set of four light blue and turquoise shades for just under $20 and use them for a gorgeous ombré set. The Zen set from a brand that literally has the word "chill" in its name has turquoise calming effects. The kit comes with 24 nails, a buffer and file, a cuticle stick, and non damaging nail glue. Each sheet has a blue base shade and 12 sparkle accents that stick onto nails to create a pro-grade look within minutes.

Even if you don't want to get a full baby blue dye job, there are still plenty of ways to use these shades in your hair. You can paint on temporary streaks, add accessories, or choose a wash-out treatment. The shade stick is gone after a single wash, which means you can add blue streaks to your hair and feel confident that they will be gone before your meeting. It adds an element of chic elegance to any look, and feels far less expected than the standard ballerina pink. This one has a shimmer to it that is different from traditional hair dyes, and it is as easy to apply as a product in your hand. The formula comes out in one wash with bold color, but is water-based.

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