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Brosnan was cited for an off-limits walk at the park.

Arts and EntertainmentBrosnan was cited for an off-limits walk at the park.

Brosnan, who plays James Bond in the movie, is being charged with stepping out of bounds in a thermal area during a recent visit to a national park. Two federal citations were issued this week for Brosnan walking in an off-limits area at Mammoth Terraces. The Associated Press sent a request for comment to his account on Thursday, and email messages to his agent and attorney. The US attorney's office for Wyoming said that Brosnan was in the park on a personal visit and not for film work. There are hundreds of thermal features in the park, ranging from geysers to gurgling mud pots, with water at or near the boiling point. Some of the millions of people who visit Yellowstone each year get badly burned if they ignore warnings not to stray off the trail. Penalties can include jail time, fines and bans from the park, if you get caught.

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