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Can I wear a Sweatsuit in 2024?

FashionCan I wear a Sweatsuit in 2024?

Is it appropriate to wear a fully matching sweatsuit, top and bottom when you see other people wearing it? Which side of me is right?

Karl Lagerfeld once declared that sweatpants were a sign of defeat because of his talent for dreaming up extraordinary clothes.

The full sweatpants-and-sweatshirt look, once synonymous with older gym teachers and out-of-shape joggers, is a sign of complete and total surrender? The sweatsuit is the embodiment of an ironically triumphant return given that this is fashion and in fashion nothing is more certain than that which was out will be in again. During that era, when we prized comfort dressing over just about everything else, Gen Alpha's celebration of all things Y2K resulted in the return of pajamas for day. The discovery was made worse by the resurgence of the "set" which included Miuccia Prada's matching crop top and tiny skirt, Versace's shortie pajamas, and the matching sweatpants and sweatshirt of yore.

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