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Canada goose has a new Creative Director.

FashionCanada goose has a new Creative Director.

Whoever he chooses to dress for the festival won't be as much of a surprise as his other news flash. The CEO of Canada goose insists that the appointment of a new creative director is not a fashion collaboration. We are moving into having one individual oversee the entire thing because that time has come to an end.

The word "authentic" comes up a lot with Canada goose. When he took over, the company was making $3 million a year. It's time for the company to elevate its image. We sell products in the fashion marketplace, but we are not a fashion brand.

Canada goose has an emphasis on function and hard-wearing durability, which supports the idea of humility. Canada goose's past collaboration with the likes ofMarc Jacobs, Vetements, OVO, Opening Ceremony, Y/Project and Junya Watanabe would certainly suggest as much. He understands that we are not a fashion brand, but we are connected about what Canada goose can do.


I might make my own suggestion, that the choice of Ackermann is so counterintuitive for a Land Rover brand that it borders on idolatry. It would fit right in with the nature and trajectory of Ackermann's career. It took a long time to find the right person for this role. I saw a shared passion for authenticity, for craftsmanship, and for quality.

He acknowledges that when he was first approached, he didn't know what his own fit with the brand would be. When he signed with Berluti, nobody would have expected him to touch classical clothes. The haute couture collection he guest-designed for Jean Paul Gaultier was much more in character. He has discovered that in the 60s the brand had pink, orange, yellow and other colors. The company was founded in 1957 as a supplier of winter workwear for the likes of policemen and park rangers, meaning there is a wealth of vintage waiting to be transfigured by a designer's ingenious creativity. He wants them to be attractive when you climb Mount Everest.

He hasn't tried Everest yet, but he did experience another set of optimum conditions for Canada goose when he was in the sub-arctic. For the past 20 years, theNGO has had a roster of scientists, researchers and volunteers who are on the front line of the climate crisis. I was busy with my little life, but I knew all the environmental problems facing the planet. He saw the bears, met the scientists and the dog-mushers, and was committed to being a part of a world that was new for him. He wants to meet with the Inuit in Iqaluit on his next visit. They know which materials to use.

The launch of a special hoodie will raise money for P.B.I., as a result of the appointment of Ackermann. The designer was inspired by the success of the hoodie he created with his friend, Timothée Chalamet, to raise money for an organization that protects women's and children's rights. It was Jane Fonda who crossed my mind when I was considering the charity for the launch. When they met up in LA, the time they spent together confirmed his decision. She is good with people of all ages, and she likes things with purpose.

The world is loud at the moment, and so is the purpose. He thinks that listening to people who are committed to confronting the problems is helpful. I want to spend more time in nature.

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