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Chris Cuomo had an interview with TikToker.

CelebrityChris Cuomo had an interview with TikToker.

Chris Cuomo is coming to the defense of a TikToker who lives with a neurological disease, as well as an interview he did with her in which he laughed at her tics. Dupree sometimes blurts out offensive words, which she did during her appearance, with Cuomo laughing a couple times. Cuomo said that mean is clickbait, and that taking a bite out of his behind is what makes them money. He fought back against a headline that said Dupree cursed at him. It's not intentional and most of what she said about me is true. Baylen Dupree is living her life in opposition of that and I love it. Christopher C. Cuomo posted this picture on December 14, 1993.

People who have tics can't stop doing them. Dupree shared some of the daily struggles she comes up against and the mixed reactions she gets from people online while on the show. Dupree said that a lot of people don't understand what Tourette's is and that they like to educate themselves. Cuomo praised her for candor and the content she posts on social media, telling the influencer she has his kids repeating her lines so much they've become cool. He said, "You're being yourself, not because it's raunchy."

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