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Cindy Crawford's daughter Kaia is wearing a swimsuit.

FashionCindy Crawford's daughter Kaia is wearing a swimsuit.

Cindy shared a picture of her daughter Kaia in a swimsuit posing with her family. It's my favorite time of year because it brings families together. Celebwell rounded up her top lifestyle habits.

Kaia works out at The Dogpound, which is a strength training mecca for celebrities. In the clip, the two hold hands while doing a series of knee raises and arabesques while holding yoga balls. The duo does a lot of things using resistance bands around their thighs and feet and using leg lifts and extensions while wearing ankle weights.

A hearty diet.

Kaia eats a bagel whenever she is hungry. Penne with vodka sauce is my all-time favorite and is one of the things I know how to prepare myself.

Staying in shape is something I think about, but I don't let it stop me. "If there's pizza or ice cream, I'm going to eat it," she said in 2019.

Kaia likes to spend time with her family. She told Byrdie that she tries to keep in touch with her friends.

Kaia is a self-care enthusiast. The benefits of meditating include clearing away the overload of information that contributes to stress.

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