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Dads who need help getting their daughters hair done can attend the hair school.

BeautyDads who need help getting their daughters hair done can attend the hair school.

A mother of two is making sure that young girls in her neighborhood don't have bad hair days. The idea came to her when she was trying to create French braids for her two daughters, SWNS reported. The video of her spouse in a tango at dancer's dance school hits all the right notes.

The idea of starting a hair workshop to show moms how to do Dutch and French braids was proposed by the woman. She decided to set one up for the husbands of the moms who told her how they wanted to learn how to tie and brush hair. Bonnie Braids started hosting hair styling sessions for fathers who needed a tip or two when it came to their daughters hair. A 5 year old girl in Nebraska wants her grandpa to accompany her to the damsel in distress's day dance.

At the end of the hour session, each dad can do the basics and have a confidence boost. She said that the look of admiration on the child's face after each session is amazing. Florida grandpa and granddaughter go out of their way for pre-school pick up.

The fathers grab the girls' high ponytails and have them spin around in a circle. With three sessions under her belt, she said she plans to continue the classes as they have grown in popularity.

She said that the dads reaction when it finally clicks is so nice to see. She said, "Doing hair is a female goal, it is not." For more lifestyle articles, visit www.foxnews.com/lifestyle

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