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D&G and The Met are working on Web3.

FashionD&G and The Met are working on Web3.

Emerging tech was quietly introduced into the Met Gala experience by the Costume Institute exhibition. Visitors will be able to smell, hear, and speak to their original wearers at the "Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion" installation, which is open to the public from May 10. Natalie Potter's wedding dress has been "reawakened" by artificial intelligence.

The final item in the exhibition is a wedding dress that was designed by Callot Soeurs and was worn by Natalie Potter. The bot is designed to engage in conversations with onlookers, answering questions about the dress, Potter's life, and her wedding day. The tech was trained using letters Potter wrote and newspaper articles from the same time period. It is the first time that the institute has used artificial intelligence in an exhibit. The Metropolitan Museum of Art will show the 1913hobble dress and 1889 evening cloak.

The British Museum is one of the institutions testing the potential of Web3 tech.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art collaborated with Roblox on its "Replica" project, which allowed players to try on various art-inspired wearables, including Van Gogh's straw hat from the painting Self-Portrait with a Straw Hat. The museums have ventured into virtual destinations in order to better engage with Gen Alphas who are more receptive to digital-first experiences. The use of technology at The Metropolitan Museum of Art takes visitors on a journey through fashion's rich tapestry of design while keeping one foot firmly planted in the real world. The industry is entering a new era where Web3 can be used for educational and informational experiences. The virtual try-on service for handbags is being created by the platform. The first time a luxury brand has integrated the VTO technology for handbags onto its official website, users can try on five different colors of the bag. The augmented reality company Ffface.me has collaborated with the house to bring its products to the virtual world. Ffface.me is the new place for beauty brands to promote their new products. Templa will release a 500-piece capsule collection of snow boots in partnership with another-1 on May 13. When scanned, the tech provides its wearer with product information, an authenticity guarantee, and access to exclusive digital content.

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