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Dior is the most famous fashion collection of all time.

FashionDior is the most famous fashion collection of all time.

Karen Muller Serreau was very pleased when they finally got the New Look. The first Dior collection under his own name, titled " Corolle," featured snatched waists and full skirts that have more thanstood the test of time, with countless imitations and revisitations from the brand itself, hewing close to the silhouette in the years since. The first line of Dior was a landmark in fashion. He and his creative peers, including Pierre Balmain (Thomas Poitevin), Cristbal Balenciaga (Nuno Lopes) and Coco Chanel (Juliette Binoche), made a mark on the fashion industry. Dior had to make a difficult decision to come out from the shadow of his mentor, Lucien Lelong, and launch his own fashion house to fulfill his dream of bringing joy back to France. His luxurious looks were due to the fact that he was going it alone, and that he had a rival named Dior. That is my style.

Dior makes adjustments on a fit model in his studio.

The survival of the fashion industry is the subject of the show. The austerity of the time is reflected in the visuals of "The New Look." Muller Serreau made up twelve outfits from the Dior line featured on the show, along with their accompanying hats and shoes, as part of her research for the show. Muller Serreau said her relationship with Dior was collaborative and that the fashion house wanted to highlight the breadth and beauty of the New Look line. She worked to ensure that the New Look would be recognizable to modern viewers by selecting outfits that were ahead of their time, such as the leopard print dress that was the first iteration of animal print. Muller Serreau was able to recreate the entire ensemble because Dior still had the fabric. sketches or swatches were the only points of reference for the other looks, which were only in Dior's archives. Dior's famous "Bar" suit, consisting of a full black skirt and cream blazer, with an accompanying wide-brimmed hat, has been mentioned in a lot of fashion and pop culture. During the war years, clothes were substandard as fabric was expensive. It is a far cry from the luxury conglomerates of today that they were produced at a far smaller scale. The first season of Dior's second season is a drop in the bucket of what the brand has to offer. The future episodes of "The New Look" might include Yves Saint Laurent coming under the tutelage of Dior in the 1950s before revolutionizing womenswear yet again with his famous "Le Smoking" suit. The fashion eras in which he and his peers made their mark have plenty of fresh perspectives that are ripe for exploration.

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