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Do you need Prada Beauty's products?

BeautyDo you need Prada Beauty's products?

The Cut has a photo-Illustration and photos of retailers.

Prada, which is known for its timeless leather goods and "ugly chic" ready-to-wear, has launched beauty. 13 shades of soft buildable lipsticks are also $50, with a more diffuse finish inspired by the brand's classic nylon material, and there are 13 shades of hypermatte lipsticks. The Prada logo is on the makeup brushes, which makes them the most fun offering. There are several expensive skin care products, including a $390 gel-to-balm moisturizer that absorbs into the skin, a $95 foaming cleanser, and a $135 micro-peel essence. The adapto.gn smart technology, an innovative and advanced technology that allows the product to adapt to the skin's personal needs based on the environment, explains the price of the skin-care products. Asia Milia Ware has a photo.

Is there a need for Prada Beauty products in my life? I used all of the skin care products during the month of February, but I really liked the micro-peel essence, it made my skin soft and supple. The skin care is innovative, but the price point is quite high to consider it a need. The foundation is lightweight and has a skinlike finish which is my preferred one. As a Black woman, I tried many shades of the lipsticks, and found them to be great for my skin tone. They glided onto my lips with a smooth texture and did not feel dry or flaky. B03 is a maroon color with brown undertones, so it is in the red family, but is not a bright red for my skin tone. I would spend my money on makeup brushes. The brass handles are some of the most sturdy brushes I have used, and the bristles are constructed to be multiuse products, making them great for sculpting, foundation application, and more. I have been unable to put down the triangular three-tiered brush because it blends makeup so well. It is also $90, which feels very expensive compared to other brushes on the market, but they seem to have a really long shelf life. The fragrances are always a great way to have Prada live on your shelfie if the skin care and makeup doesn't feel right. A standard 50-milliliter bottle is $145, ideal for a luxury fragrance. While she was pleasantly surprised at the foundation, she admitted that she probably wouldn't re-up because she prefers more coverage. I know a lot of girlies and will be very skeptical of Prada Beauty until I am able to afford it. The foundation is available on pradabeauty.com, but how can I get it? The makeup and skin care is available in stores and online.

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