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Dollar General and Dollar Tree have makeup and beauty products.

BeautyDollar General and Dollar Tree have makeup and beauty products.

Dollar stores sell imitations of beauty products from popular brands. You can opt-out at any time. Recent TikTok and Business Insider posts show how Dollar General and Dollar Tree have different brands of face masks. A post on TikTok highlighted some products at a Dollar Tree store. "They all come in these nice glass bottles and they feel really nice," the shopper says in the video. She said in the video that she was excited about the brow pen. The video posted on December 31st shows a product called "Love Struck" which is said to be inspired by Victoria's Secret Love Spell. The video description says that the dupe "smells spot on." The jar sold for $5, less than the original retails for. A Dollar General store in Ohio had a mask similar to Glow Recipe's.

Business Insider found a selection of makeup at a Dollar Tree, as well as dupes and a line of cosmetics by Drew Barrymore. Lipsticks from well-known brands, such as Drew Barrymore's Flower and Maybelline, were sold in generic plastic bags at Dollar Tree.

Business Insider wanted to know why Flower decided to sell through Dollar Tree. Dollar General did not manufacture the watermelon mask or the ProFusion products and objected to the characterization of the products as "dupes." Dollar stores see beauty products as an area where they can grow sales. Dollar Tree estimated the health and beauty market at $121 billion. Dollar Tree has an opportunity to sell products that cost less than $5. Gen Z shoppers are especially interested in imitations of everything from makeup to clothes. Do you work at Dollar General or Dollar Tree and have a story idea?

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