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'Dune: Part Two' gives sci-fi fans a reason to party.

Movie'Dune: Part Two' gives sci-fi fans a reason to party.

Tech workers from several companies mingled next to a pair of cardboard cutouts of two actors in San Francisco on Thursday. The Arrakis Palms (vanilla pear purée, gin, Fever-Tree tonic), the Fremen Mirage (gin, coconut Campari, sweet vermouth), and other cocktails were sipped byDustin Moskovitz, a Facebook founder. Alex Stamos, the former head of security at Facebook, was also spotted. The buckets have become a sensation on social media. The techies were all there to celebrate Silicon Valley's newest obsession: "Dune: Part 2," the latest movie adapted from the Frank Herbert-authored science-fiction saga, which helped inspire many of them to become interested in technology. The film sold an estimated $82 million in tickets in the United States and Canada over the weekend, making it the biggest opening for a Hollywood film since 1978.

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