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Ed Sheeran and Diljit Dosanjh are in Mumbai.

CelebrityEd Sheeran and Diljit Dosanjh are in Mumbai.

I have to sing in Punjabi for the first time tonight in Mumbai, but I have had an incredible time in India, more to come! Dosanjh is one of the biggest South Asian artists worldwide and has played a major role in putting Punjabi music on the map internationally. Over the past 15 years, he has gone from playing small bars in London to one of the best-selling song writers in the world. More than 50,000 people attended a concert at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse to see a surprise appearance by Indian star Dosanjh as he hypes up the crowd and sings on an acoustic guitar. A concertgoer said in a video recap that it felt like the moon had descended. Fans and Indian celebrities praised Dosanjh for getting Sheeran to sing in an Indian language. The multiverse event nobody expected was said by comedian Sahil Bulla. This man has blown up the Punjabi music scene.

Dosanjh collaborated with other English-speaking singers and last year released a bilingual track called "Hass Hass."

One person commented that Diljit will make everyone sing in Punjabi and that they were hoping for more international swaps with the Indian artist.

India has 23 official languages, including English, and is home to hundreds of other mother tongues. Fans braving hours of traffic to get to the concert were thanked by Ed Sheeran. Some fans left their cars and walked to the entrances because of the traffic. He promised to return to India and said a lot went into him spending his Saturday night with him.

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