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Editors on Wales Bonner x Adidas sneakers.

FashionEditors on Wales Bonner x Adidas sneakers.

Grace Wales Bonner's clothes are genderless, ageless, classless and explore her personal background and Caribbean and British identity. Her artistic creations have earned her a loyal fan base and the Wales Bonner x Adidas sneaker is one of the most sought-after sneakers of all time. Four Cut Style editors styled their favorite pairs.

I love how versatile these sneakers are and how they ruin your entire outfit if you slip a pair on. I can wear them with a skirt, with jeans, with shorts, with a dress, and it will work.

Photos: Theo Choi.

I am not normally a sneaker person, but I love the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration. The culture of Grace Wales Bonner is reflected in the classic and timeless design of these sneakers.

Theo Choi.

I used to only wear ballet flats, heels, and a shoe like a sneaker, and felt like a lady element like to my outfits. I have embraced sneakers as part of my footwear rotation, but not just any sneakers, Wales Bonner's Adidas speak to my Caribbean background in both of their colors. They remind me of my grandmother, and I know they will add a lot of island-Gal class and creativity.

Brooke LaMantia is an editorial assistant.

What do you think about the Grace Wales Bonner x Adidas collaboration? I think having a shoe that puts both comfort and style at the forefront is a win-win for me.

Theo Choi is pictured.

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