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Fans say that Elf Cosmetics is appropriating goth culture.

BeautyFans say that Elf Cosmetics is appropriating goth culture.

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The goths are angry that the normies are coming for corpse paint. The launch of Corpse Paint is intended to create "drop-dead gore-geous looks" that are often seen by goths. The $34 kit includes a "Wispy Cloud" colored cream eyeshadow to apply all over the face, with black lipstick and eyeliner to complete the bold look. Two typical teen girls are wearing pastels and looking at a picture in a magazine of a celebrity dressed similarly to a member of the rock band Kiss. They immediately transform into pale-faced, black-eyed corpse paint pros after he magically springs from the page to offer them the cosmetic kit. The creator draped in all black and dark eye makeup on TikTok lamented the creation by e.l.f., writing on a video of herself wagging her finger at the camera that "the normies are gonna buy it now." The ad was slammed for relying on "every single possible alternative metalhead stereotype" to sell the product.

Brittany Ludwig, a creator who makes videos under the TikTok handle, ranted about how the brand should have been marketed by a real corpse paint girlie. "My gripe is, why wasn't this sent to a makeup artist who does corpse paint?" Ludwig asked in her video. Is corpse paint about beauty influencing, and why was it sent to random girlies? Ludwig said, "I think we should have real corpse paint girls involved with this." Business Insider asked Paytas and Reby Hardy if they were aware that alternative creators should have been included. Makeup artists don't get credit for the work they do because they get all of the products and promotion, according to Ludwig. It would be nice for working makeup artists and the goth community to get some recognition, but it would never happen. The kit sold out in less than an hour, and most of the limited-run palettes almost certainly ended up in the hands of mainstreamMUAs. Business Insider did not get a response from Liquid Death or Cosmetics.

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