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Fans use shovels and cardboard to clear snow.

SportsFans use shovels and cardboard to clear snow.

Some of the most passionate fans in the football game are from the Pittsburgh Steelers and Buffalo Bills, and they had to work hard to see their teams on Monday. The teams moved their playoff game from Sunday to Monday due to the heavy snowstorm that hit the area. After the snow had been cleared from the field and the parking lots, most of the seats in the stadium were buried by the time the gates opened for the game. The seats are for fans of the PittsburghSteelers.

Fans had to dig out their seats using pieces of cardboard, shovels and their hands after the walkways were cleared. Their first rodeo was not theirs.

The Bills want fans to dress for the cold weather with waterproof boots and pants.

A visiting PittsburghSteelers fan clears snow from his seat.

The Bills will play the Kansas City Chiefs in Buffalo. The Bills stadium won't have a roof because of the heavy snow in the area.

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