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Federal officials say that George Santos is in plea talks.

PoliticsFederal officials say that George Santos is in plea talks.

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The ex-congressman from New York was kicked out of Congress this month after being indicted on fraud and campaign finance charges. Arrow right The Brooklyn U.S. attorney's office cited the negotiations in a letter filed in advance of a conference. The government proposed a list of deadlines and a month-long extension for the trial. The parties are in plea negotiations with the goal of resolving this matter without a trial, according to the prosecutors. The former freshman Republican Congress member pleaded not guilty to all charges.

He was expelled from Congress after an investigation found rampant misuse of campaign funds and ethical issues. He has lied about his background, including his educational and family histories. His fabrications, including that he descended from Holocaust survivors, made a household name out of the relatively unknown junior official representing parts of Queens and Long Island. Two members of his campaign have pleaded guilty. In October, Nancy Marks, the campaign treasurer, pleaded guilty to conspiracy to lie to the Federal Election Commission, and another staffer, Samuel Miele, pleaded guilty to wire fraud because he claimed to be an aide to former House speaker Kevin McCarthy. A trial date has been set for September, but prosecutors wanted to move it to May or June.

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