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GeorgeSantos sued Jimmy Kimmel for pranking him.

Arts and EntertainmentGeorgeSantos sued Jimmy Kimmel for pranking him.

The former congressman from New York accused Jimmy Kimmel of deceiving him into making videos on the app that were used to mock him on the show. The lawsuit was filed in the southern district of New York. The show didn't respond to an email from The Associated Press. The lawsuit alleges that Kimmel tricked Santos to create personalized videos that mocked him. The videos were played on a segment called " Will Santos Say It?", according to the complaint. In one of the clips, the purported winner of the beef-eating contest was praised for consuming six pounds of ground beef in 30 minutes.

Robert Fantone, an attorney for Santos, said in an email that, "Kimmel's fake requests were funny, but what he did was clear violation of copyright law." In a lawsuit in New York, the disgraced lawmaker claims that he was deceived into making videos on the app that were used to ridicule him on the show. He is seeking statutory damages of $750,000 for the five videos he created that were played on the show and various social media platforms. The ex-lawmaker is accused of lying to Congress about his wealth and using campaign contributions to pay for his own clothes. On Tuesday, Democrat Tom Suozzi won a special election for Santos' former seat.

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