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GOP asks James Biden to testify.

PoliticsGOP asks James Biden to testify.

Republican investigators are asking a former business associate of James Biden, President Joe Biden's brother, to answer questions about the impeachment inquiry. The letter, sent Thursday afternoon, said the committees wanted information about your business dealings with both Americore and James Biden, as well as the loans James Biden received from the financially struggling company. The investigation into Joe Biden has shown that he benefited from his family's foreign business dealings. James Biden is accused of misleading the company into giving him a $600,000 loan. The committees interviewed Carol Fox, the company's bankruptcy Trustee, and she testified that James Biden had promised to get funding from the Middle East. The company gave James Biden a $600,000 loan, but the funding from the Middle East never came. The $200,000 part of the loan came from either predatory loans or money fraudulently invested by James Biden, according to Fox.

"Republicans are on a desperate goose chase to find some justification for their baseless impeachment inquiry", said Joe's statement. GOP investigators zeroed in on the $200,000 and the check James Biden made out to the president the day after he obtained the loan. The $200,000 could be a loan repayment, but Jordan and Comer don't believe in that at all. The chairs are looking into the origins of the funding and asking Lewitt about his dealings with James Biden and Americore. Lewitt's fund invested in a company that put money into struggling health care companies, according to the complaint. As a result of the SEC complaint and Fox's testimony, the committees are interested in your relationship with James Biden.

The committees are looking to craft legislative solutions aimed at deficiencies regarding ethics laws and the disclosure of financial interests related to the immediate family members of Vice Presidents and Presidents, according to the letter.

The chairs argue that those deficiencies could put American national security and interests at risk.

The committees are asking Lewitt to interview by January 11.

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