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How to build a custom bot.

TechnologyHow to build a custom bot.

There is something new and powerful for users to play with. The main version of the main ChatGPT model is essentially more focused, more specific versions of which you can build, without using any coding or advanced knowledge of artificial intelligence. The name GPT stands for Generative Pre-trained Transformer. Pre-trained indicates that it has already been trained on a significant amount of material, and Transformer is a type of artificial intelligence architecture that understands language. You can tell it to answer with simple language, or talk to you as if it were from another world. GPTs have access to the data you send them and will be able to browse the internet at large. If you think other people will find your bot useful, you can sell it in a GPT store. GPTs can help you learn the rules of a board game, teach your kids math, or design stickers.

The GPT building is getting started.

If you have a Plus or Enterprise account, you can explore on the left of the web interface to see examples of GPTs: There's one to help you with your creative writing, and one to produce a particular style of digital painting. You can create a GPT through a question-and-answer routine and then create a GPT for more deliberate production. If you are just starting out, it is best to stick with create, it is a more user-friendly option and takes you step by step through the process. Explain certain concepts, give advice in specific areas, generate particular kinds of text or images, or whatever you want the new GPT to be able to do, respond to the GPT Builder bot. You will be asked to give the GPT a name and choose an image, but you will also get suggestions for these. The building process will vary depending on the GPT you are creating. You will see that the instructions for the GPT about its identity and how to answer your questions have been made using your responses. You can change the instructions if you need to, and you can also add files to the knowledge banks. You can add any of these capabilities if you want, but you don't have to ask them to be used. After you click on confirm, you will be able to access the new GPT from the left-hand navigation pane on the web. GPTs are ideal if you often ask ChatGPT to complete tasks in the same way or cover the same topics. The GPTs you create are available whenever you need them, along with access to the main engine, which you can continue to modify.

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