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How well does Bey's hair look with her hair color?

BeautyHow well does Bey's hair look with her hair color?

Some people questioned whether the products would perform well on textured hair, despite the line being praised by hair enthusiasts of all sorts. CariJayy, a hairdresser in Chicago, put the products to the test on her long time client and drew on professional expertise to advise on how they perform for all hair types. CariJayy wrote on social media that she was very intrigued by the products and that she had always loved and respected Tina's success as a salon owner. CariJayy believes that the Cécred products will perform well. She says the hair care line did not weigh down Luca's hair but did offer hydration that dense, textured hair needs. The ingredients are rich from what I've read. It's very hydrating and something that we are always looking for when you have really highly textured hair. She says that the line is geared to making sure that the hair care part is first and foremost, before styling.

She said that she would incorporate it into her own routine and that she liked how the cleanser didn't strip hair of its oils. CariJayy says she gave the products a fair assessment, even though she's a fan of Bey. She says she's always skeptical of celebrity brands. I have been a fan of Beyblade for a long time, but the thing that made me most comfortable was knowing that her mom is a licensed hairdresser. The director of education for the brand is Dr. Williams. I watched her heal and be of service to so many women and I dreamed of carrying on her legacy.

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