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I/O 2024 will be all about artificial intelligence.

TechnologyI/O 2024 will be all about artificial intelligence.

The company has made no secret of the fact that it will be all about artificial intelligence at the conference. Since the I/O last year, it has introduced a new model meant to compete with Openai, and has been testing new features for Search and Maps. Expect to hear a lot about that this year.

You can watch the keynote on Tuesday, May 14th at 10AM at the top of this page. I/O tends to go on for a couple of hours if you set enough time aside.

More generative AI features will likely be added to Google's apps. It has been working on features that can help with dining and shopping, and that can be used to call a business and wait for a human to show up. The device is an artificial intelligence gadget.

I/O could see the debut of a new, more personal version of the digital assistant, rumored to be called "Pixie." That kind of thing could be bad news for devices like the Rabbit R1 and the Human Ai Pin, which recently launched and struggled to justify their existence. The only advantage they might have is that it is hard to use a phone as an artificial intelligence Wearable.

Will there be something at I/O? It seems unlikely that there will be a lot of new hardware this year, because the Pixel 8A is already available for pre-order and the magnetic speaker dock is a separate purchase. The company could still announce new products, such as thePixel 9 which is already leaking all over the place, and thePixel Tablet 2.

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