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icola formichetti brings 3D printed art and clothes to london fashion week.

Fashion & Styleicola formichetti brings 3D printed art and clothes to london fashion week.

Taskin goec and kay kwok are hosted by SYKY.

During London Fashion Week, designers Taskin Goec and Kay Kwok will launch mixed-reality pieces of their custom 3D-printed art, which were worn by Beyoncé, Bjrk, and Karol G. The works from Taskin Goec and KWK are on display in both physical and digital formats. The show is being put on by the artistic director of SYKY.

3D-printed art for beyonce, Bjrk and karol g.

Each art piece is finished in chrome and has been worn by celebrities and performers. The piece Bey wore for the Renaissance Tour, the 3D-printed art tailored to Bjrk from his Chapter 4 and Chapter 2 series, and the spiraling accessory Karol G put on for the Rolling Stone issue are all in the collection. Kay Kwok has a 3D-printed art collection.

Taskin Goec trained an artificial intelligence model for his fashion pieces.

Taskin Goec, a Berlin-based and mixed-reality atelier and designer, trained a custom artificial intelligence model to come up with a hybrid collection. Taskin Goec uses cloth simulations and procedural setup to retain his physical features in his digital collection. Taskin Goec has a collection that includes seven digital fashion pieces and a centerpiece design that nestles flowers inside a vessel. The baseball cap is constructed with a built in stem holder so the wearer can plant a flower on top of their head while walking, and the physical collectible is 3D-printed in Nappa Leather and hand sewn. The Renaissance Tour wore custom 3D printed art by the NFT.

Taskin Goec has a draped oil leather jacket with a bouquet collar over a twisted hoodie, a mini skirt with stripes of frayed silk gazar, a duo of sleeve outdoor jacket and bare jeans in acid treated denim and polyurethane-coated twill. Taskin Goec created a dress in acid chartreuse, a dress in a linen net with interwoven strips of latex, and a hooded jacket with flowers on it. 3D printed art from the series.

Fans of mixed-reality fashion pieces can get the physical or digital items of the collections. The collections from Taskin Goec and KWK will be available for purchase on the website. The first Friday of every month is when the monthly releases of digital and physical pieces will be held.

A styled shot of a custom 3D printed art for Rolling Stone.

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