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If you didn't share a recap video, did it happen?

TechnologyIf you didn't share a recap video, did it happen?

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When Joseph Arujo began seeing 2023 recap videos in his feed, he scoured his hard drive to find old photos and videos. Choose your plan, and you will get the full experience. In yearly recap videos, you or your friends, cousins, or people you barely know string together dozens of videos and photos from the past 12 months, often set to the beat of a buzzing audio track. The trend shows how the content formats and behavior of professional influencers are being adopted by average users. People have to document their years for others but also for their future selves to take in the significance of the year

There are 1.6 billion views on TikTok for videos including the # #2023recap. Users who create recap videos for the app will be rewarded. The year before that, it was introduced that a personalized round up of each user's listening activity was possible. Users of the fitness app Strava can now report their activity on a yearly basis, as well as users of the book-lovers platform Goodreads, which has a "Year in Books" feature. On TikTok, yearly recap videos became popular with high-profile content creators. On TikTok, users would start regurgitating their memories into cinematic highlight reels due to the idea that one should romanticize their life, be the main character and treat life like a movie. "We have democratized being a content creator where now even your aunt is posting an app downloaded slide show of videos that summarized her year." said a producer in Los Angeles. Social media is going to the next level.

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There are several 2023 recap templates that can be uploaded to TikTok via CapCut, a video editing platform owned by ByteDance. Lindsay said that there are many videos on how to create your own 2023 recap videos. The format of year-end recap videos has led to increased pressure among users. He considered making his own after seeing the videos take over his feeds. Rodriguez tried to come up with a plan, but ended up creating more anxiety by leaving someone out. He said that he didn't feel the pressure last year. His friend said that it took him 17 edits to make his final recap video. Velazquez felt like the whole process seemed too much, and since he hadn't traveled much in the future, he didn't feel like he had any good content. Can we have a recap video for the end of the year?

India Daykin, a brand manager in Canada, said that they created videos to engage in a bit of nostalgia. She said that even though the trends are silly, it is an interesting opportunity to reflect on more positive moments throughout the year. As the format grows in popularity, meme pages have started to create recap videos about more outward facing world events. The administrator of the political compass said that there was so much tragedy this year, from the earthquakes in Afghanistan to the situation in Gaza. It seems like a recap video is the best way to remember everything.

Sheel Mohnot, a venture capitalist in San Francisco, said that soon artificial intelligence will allow people to create recap videos with the click of a button. He thinks that an easy way to create recaps should be created byInstagram. A high school junior in Oklahoma City spent New Year's Eve showing a month by month presentation to a group of friends. He said that people want to be more self aware and reflect on things, but a lot of them are hidden in the library photo.

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