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In Missouri, where abortion is banned, a concert gives out free morning-after pill.

Arts and EntertainmentIn Missouri, where abortion is banned, a concert gives out free morning-after pill.

She didn't expect to go home with emergency contraception after the St Louis date of the Guts tour. There was a table by the women's bathroom where concert goers could donate to abortion funds and get free condoms and morning-after pills. I don't need it, but I'm going to save it in case something bad happens.

The Fund 4 Good campaign was launched last month in conjunction with her world tour. The National Network of Abortion Funds connected her with local chapters at various stops on the tour. The emergency contraception she picked up at the concert is shown in the picture.

In Missouri, abortion is not legal and Republicans want to defund Planned Parenthood. Right by You, a text line that connects Missouri teens to abortion care out of state, and the Missouri Abortion Fund, which helps people cover the cost of an out-of-state abortion, were both staffed by activists who stopped by. Sheley said that the organization handed out emergency contraception because they decided to do so. It shows how well received this will be, and I hope other artists do the same.

Concertgoers didn't initially believe they could get the pill for free, which retails for up to $50. Sheley said that there are people who reach for the emergency contraception and then say: "What do I have to do in order to get this?" The look on their face when they realize they are being cared for is what we are here for.

HeadCount, an organization that works with musicians to help fans register to vote, has gone on the road with a number of artists. Softcore activism can feel hollow as the election goes on, and that's because it rarely goes as far as free emergency contraception. I care a lot about who I am supporting and what my money is going towards.

The emergency contraceptive pill known as Plan B was passed out at the concert by the startup Julie. The company wants to redesign the morning-after pill for a new generation, and that means a cute and colorful package. The rep said that they were thankful for the artists and the Missouri Abortion Fund, who shared their mission of replacing the stigma and shame associated with emergency contraception. Lizz Winstead founded the Abortion Access Front, which fights for reproductive rights nationwide. She said everyone at her shows can learn who to go to for care. We need people at her show who know how and where to connect in their own communities.

Nebraska has a 12-week abortion ban with limited exceptions. She works as an emergency women's health nurse at a hospital and she supports reproductive rights. Miscarriages are being looked into more in states with abortion bans because of the fear of criminal consequences. It's disgusting to think that we don't have the right to make a decision about when and where to have a baby. I will be going to another show with someone who cares about women's healthcare.

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