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Is the Stanley Cup the new status symbol?

BusinessIs the Stanley Cup the new status symbol?

The Pink Stanley and Starbucks Water Mug almost caused a riot at Target shops when Cup Girlies wanted it that bad, making the Stanley Cup craze becoming too popular now but why? The company that makes them has been around for more than a hundred years its founder William Stanley Jr patented a container that was vacuum sealed and made of steel. For decades it was synonymous with blue-collar workers but today, the company has a very different clientele.

After Stanley’s Quencher tumbler kept selling out on an e-commerce blog called The Buy Guide, the three women behind the site convinced the company to restock after it stopped doing so in 2019. When the Buy Guide partnered with Stanley to buy 5,000 tumblers and market them to women.  And as more influencers caught on to how Stanley tumblers could be used both practically and as an accessory, the trend spread like wildfire making it hugely popular with Gen-zers as well, making the water bottle to be arguably one of the most popular items during the 2023 Holiday Season.

The Quencher H2.0 Flow state tumbler was a big part of the reason why Stanley went from making $73 million in 2019 to $750 million in sales in 2023, according to CNBC.

But there is one reason driving Stanley to become a number one “It” water bottle and that’s through TikTok. Stanley transformed like a Phoenix from being an unknown bottle company to a TikTok Sensation by simply adding new colours, for 110 years Stanley only came in four different colours (Black, White, Stainless steel, Hunter green) a blue-collar worker palette. In 2020 Stanley added pastel colours such as Orchid, Rose quartz, Lavender and Tiger lily where mini innovations in color caused the sudden rise of Stanley Tumblr.

Stanley the water company partnered with Starbucks and Target to launch limited edition pink and red tumblers both having Valentine’s Day themes with a price tag of $45 , making the Holy Trinity of Millennial brands working together on capitalizing market gains.

The “Stanley Spectacular” is even catching the attention of the stock markets which might give the company leverage to boost more profit in the future. Stanley Water Tumblr status symbols don’t have to be expensive but they do have to be very exclusive.

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