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"It's such a gay movie," says Stewart.

Celebrity"It's such a gay movie," says Stewart.

In a new interview, Stewart confirmed that the franchise that made her a household name is also gay, and that she came out as queer during her opening monologue as host of SNL. Stewart said that the five film series that she wrapped just a few years before taking on that SNL gig started off differently, but she also said that she was there. It is a gay movie and Jesus Christ, Taylor and Rob are not okay. It is all about wanting what is going to destroy you.

Stewart mentions trying to convince the press that it was ok to write about her relationships with women years before she officially came out, while also being a bit skeeved out about people. She was wondering why she was being skewered and why she was trying to ruin her life. The idea of people saying, "I knew that you were a little queer kid forever" is something I don't like.

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